Thursday, April 25, 2013

Cost-Effective Marketing Brochure Designs For Hotel Promotion

Hotel promotion can either be affordable or expensive. It really depends on how you plan and execute your marketing efforts. Of course, it also depends on what marketing materials you use and how well you use them. Brochures are among the tools that you can use to promote your hotel business. They are inexpensive so you don't need to worry even if you only have very little budget for marketing. These prints also allow for several methods of distribution; through mails, handing out on streets, stapled on receipts and invoices, or leave them on display racks and countertops.
The key in brochure marketing is catching the attention of your prospective hotel customers and get them interested. For this to happen, you have to think about your brochure's designs. Your brochure prints should be more than just words about your hotels printed on glossy and quality paper. They must engage your readers and make them decide to stay in your hotel. These should stir up the interest of your target market. You must have cost-effective marketing brochure designs to promote your hotel - designs that are sure to bring in more guests and don't need a follow up campaign just to achieve success.
Design Tips for Cost-Effective Hotel Marketing Brochures
Don't forget about the visual aspects. People are easily attracted to print materials with colorful and beautiful graphics. Showcase your hotel rooms and facilities by including photos in high definition colors to emphasize elegance and high-end accommodation. However, don't try to pack your prints with so many photos. You still have to balance all the elements in your design - photos, text, colors and spaces. Just include 2 or 3 photos that will help to highlight the services that you offer and what set you apart from other hotels in town.
Make sure that you have the correct information in your prints. Don't waste money on printing hotel brochures only to find out that some of them are incorrect or out of date.
Including great offers and adding value to your prints are great ways to make them worth keeping. Cost-effective marketing handbills are read, understood and kept as reference. You can include great promo offers and discount specials to your hotels such as free breakfast, or discounts on accommodations. You should also add value to your prints by including tips and information that will prompt your readers to keep them. Like if your brochures are meant to advertise your hotel to tourists, your prints can include maps of the town as well as information such as where to dine and hang out. Travel tips and advisories are also great.
Always print from a reliable printing company. There is nothing more frustrating than taking so much time to perfect the design of your brochures and in the end they're printed with blurry texts, printed on low quality papers, and arrived late for distribution.
Getting the right designs for your hotel marketing brochures and having them printed from quality printing company will save you from spending so much money and time on your prints. In addition, there are online companies that offer promotional printing. Avoid the troubles of throwing away low quality prints or prints with incorrect information - these are what cost-effective marketing brochure designs are all about.